Ha Giang Information

In fact, there has been a boom in national and international tourism in recent years in Ha Giang region, the land is known as paradise on earth. People are attracted to the pure beauty of Vietnam’s nature and the character of its people, which are at their best in this region. Spectacular scenery of green mountains, winding rivers, flowing valleys and serpentine roads are the distinguished features. They are also won over by the distinctive culture of our hill tribe minorities.

This tourism boom presents a potential threat to the many beautiful values that local people hold dear. This situation has been been happening in villages such as Sapa where many minority people stopped farming to join a group of street earners although they do not have any commercial skills in hand.

We believe that these problems will be solved by a model of responsible tourism. As the result of the research, a new ini­tia­tive to cre­ate a responsible tourism program has been launched, known as “Ha Giang Responsible Tourism”.

The Ha Giang Responsible Tourism program owned by Highland social enterprise aims to:

Reduce poverty, a long-term sustainable vision to continue to provide work, and provide a working example for other tourism providers around the world.

Create job opportunities for the local people through services like: homestays, tourism activities: trekking, motorbiking, volunteering,…

Preserve traditional cultural values and encourage social responsibility for stakeholders, and develop a respectful relationship between tourists and the local population.

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