Cultural Tea Tour with the Red Dao

For a chance to learn firsthand about the fascinating culture of the Red Dao tribe, come and join us on our guided cultural tea tour. Explore the breathtaking beauty of northern Vietnam and discover the ancient secrets of the Che Shan Tuyet tea trees. Whether you are a long time tea enthusiast or just a curious traveler looking to learn about the tribal way of life, this is the perfect adventure for you.
The tour starts from just outside Ha Giang city and a full description can be found below.

Che Shan Tuyet tea tree

Ha Giang Tribes and Tea Tour

Day 1

Leave from Tea House of the BaiYou Tribe travelling on the back of a motorbike driven by your local guides. You will be taken to the Lung Tao village situated high up on the Tay Con Linh Mountain.
Here you will leave the motorbikes and take a short trek through the village to the family home that will be your homestay. You will have a home cooked lunch with the family and enjoy some fresh tea.
After lunch you will trek up into the mountain to see the ancient Shan tea trees and the wild cinnamon. From here, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the valley below and learn from your guides about the fascinating history of the tea trees.
Following this you will come back down to the village and relax in the family home as dinner is prepared. The evening will be spent with the locals and you will spend the night in the homestay.

Day 2

You will start the second day by having breakfast at the homestay. From there you will make your way through the village to meet and observe local artisans. This will include the traditional process of making various kinds of teas. Also you will be able to see the locals handcrafting a variety of different things such as jewelry, clothing and paper.
Towards the afternoon you will be taken to see some of the surrounding areas including stunning waterfalls and elegant rice terraces. A picnic lunch will be provided so you can have your meal while enjoying the spectacular landscape.
After this you will return to the village and make your way back to the motorbikes. You will then return to the tea house and should arrive around 5:00 p.m.

What is included?

- English speaking local guide
- Transfer from Ha Giang, transportation via motorbike to a small village in the mountains
- Accommodation in a traditional homestay
- 4 meals and water

Price: 130 USD per person (max. groupsize: 5 people)

For more information about the ancient tea culture of Vietnam click here

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