Talking about Ha Giang, we normally think of Dong Van Highland, Ma Pi Leng Pass and a road named Hanh Phuc (Happiness). However, Ha Giang is also the “domain” of Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh tea, one of the especially valuable tea types of the local people here which is proved to be very good to the health. If once try Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea, you will surely be unable to forget the taste of this tea as the breath of the soul of East-North mountainous region.

"Royal Mac Tea”

Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea is closely linked to the legend of Mac Tea. It is said that when being alive, Mac Dang Dung lived to drink the water from a strange tree taken from the mount where was all year round covered with cloud of Tay Con Linh Mountain range. Once day, when following to catch a big fish, Mac Dang Dung forgeted the time and lost his way to a mighty mountainous area. After many days, he was very tired and arrived a small restaurant roadside and the owner gave him three bowls of water. After drinking these three bowls of water, strangely, he felt very strong. After that he knew that that water was the tea taken from mountain. Then, after hard working, Mac Dang Dung often drank three bowls of tea and four cups of wine to strengthen his health and mental power.

Before passing away at the age of 59, Mac Dang Dung asked his people to place next to him a sword and a big jar of tea. It is the reason why Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea is also called Mac Tea.

Soil and climate conditions

BTea Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea, Ha Giang is exploited from the most famous ancient tea region on Tay Con Linh Mount. Located at the altitude of from 2,000 to 2,247m above the seawater level, the geology here mainly consists of limestone, rugged rocks, Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh tea trees are closely attached to the mountains and covered by the cloud all year round with cool, airy climate and it is snowy sometimes to cover the tea buds here with the snow-white fuzz to give the special feature for the tea here.

Among Shan Tuyet Tea production regions, Tay Con Linh Tea region, Ha Giang is evaluated as the place with the best Shan Tuyet tea products. Shan Tuyet Tea forest here has the age of from 100 to 300 years old.

Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh tea trees are straight and high with big leaves and buds, and tea leaves have much fuzz as white as snow. The tea trees here grow in the wild place than other Shan Tuyet Tea production regions. The tea trees are strong and good resistant to humidity and cold weather. Until now, Shan Tuyet Tea regions of Ha Giang are still considered as “extremely clean” and totally natural tea. Mong, Dao people here do not use any chemical fertilizer or plant protection chemicals during taking care of tea trees, they mainly rely on natural conditions. In winter, tea trees are cut and grass is cut, soil is loosened. In Spring, at the end of March and early April, the local people start to harvest tea and this is also the time to have the best quality tea.

Processing Method

One of the thing to make the difference for BTea Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea is the processing secret to create this unique tea. Being processed with the meticulous processing techniques of Mac Tea, BTea San Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea is the special tea with the most essence of the Earth-North mountain and forest.

Ancient tea trees on Tay Con Linh Mount are normally unproductive and give buds only in two seasons of Spring and Autumn. Spring Tea buds will have green color and good flavor. Autumn tea buds will hive deep and strong taste and flavor. The tea buds are harvested in the new moon nights when Shan Tuyet tea buds drink “moon” fully and have a thin layer of snow. Thanks to living in high mountains with pure and clean air, Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh trees are healthy and free from pests and the water source for the tea tree is also not polluted, therefore, the tea here is considered as “extremely clean” tea in terms of material source.

BTea Shan Tuyet Tay Con Linh Tea, when mixing with water, will have the color changing from green to honey-yellow color. The tea water has the moon-yellow color with small snow-white dots, pure flavor to make the tea users feel as sitting under the ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree of 300 years old and enjoying the most typical flavors of Earth-North mountain region in every cup of tea.

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